Double Post Day: Dean Lister vs. Josh Barnett. Metamoris 4

Jose and Mike TIE 2011 #2


Dean Lister vs. Josh Barnett. Metamoris 4.  Grappling match!  Total domination in this fight but some very interesting displays of control.  One point I would add to any smaller fighter.  Simply, do not pull guard unless you are forced there.  Try to get a dominant position and see where it goes.  If it does not work then sure work from the guard, half guard, open guard, etc.  Just do not go there especially in a self-defense situation!

Great show of control and dominance!


See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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2 Responses to Double Post Day: Dean Lister vs. Josh Barnett. Metamoris 4

  1. Beautiful match. Barnett is a beast and a wonderful catch wrestler. The additional 30 lbs helped a bit.

  2. Barnett is really fantastic at what he does and you are right the extra 30lbs was a big plus!

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