To Much Sparring?

Happy Holidays IRT 2013


To much of any one thing can be bad for your training.  Especially when you are training for personal protection.  Strive for balance in your training and you will lead a long martial life and have the longevity to train and hopefully the skills necessary if you ever need them.

Here is one UFC fighter’s opinion on sparring all the time at the professional level:

There is a lot to think about in that post above!

Now, personally I spar and roll when I can.  Yet, after over 35 years of training I do it occasionally to keep my timing and reflexes sharp.  I simply do not need to spar every training session like when I was younger.  No instead, I spar just enough and to fill the gap I do lots of partner drills, focus mitts, heavy bag, wooden dummy, etc.  Find balance in your training so that you are not broken at a young age!

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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