Emergency Preparedness…..

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I am a firm believer in being prepared for an emergency.  It could come in the form of an earthquake, wild-fire, flood, hurricane, winter storm,  social order break down, etc.  It could be any kind of emergency.  If you look at the big emergencies we have recently had like Katrina, etc. you will find that social unrest happens such as looting, pillaging and violence, a run on goods such as water and food, loss of life, etc.  So what should you do?  I believe in being prepared for anything.  IRT is designed for this.  We are multi discipline and area practitioners in our combatives.  We can kick, punch, trap, lock, grapple and of course utilize tools/weapons.  Part of IRT is being prepared for any emergency whether it is someone trying to mug you or surviving through a hurricane, toranado or earthquake.  So we need to take proper emergency preparation and make sure that we can protect our loved ones and provide for them during an emergency.  This would include having personal defense tools as well as a steady supply of water, food and gas so that we could utilize our vehicles and or generator. You don’t have to go crazy just have enough in case of an emergency so that you are prepared.  Have some of the twenty-five year food stores that you can buy at any hunting/fishing store.  This just makes sense and our government through the CDC and Homeland Security recommend it. If an emergency happens you need to at least have enough to get through a weekend or a week.  This is important!  In my household every member in my family also has a “bug out bag” with extra clothes including socks, underwear, etc. a short supply of personal food, water purifying tablets and water straw as well as multi tools and defensive tools.  This just makes sense from a personal emergency preparation.   You do not have to go crazy, or overboard like people do in Doomsday Preppers.  Just have some thing in case of an emergency!  Emergencies do happen and you owe it to your family to take some precautions!

2 is 1!

Brian R. VanCise

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