So I Brought A Cold Back…..

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So I brought a cold back from my recent Michigan Intensive trip and have been recuperating for about a week.  Pretty nasty but I am of course going to be fine.  However, my teaching and training has been severely impacted.  Many a private lesson has been cancelled and personal training in regards to physical skills is pretty much been postponed.  Really, anything with cardio has been pushed to the side as I get my health back.  However, that does not mean that I have not been training.  I have just shifted to things I can work on without compromising my return to good health.  So I have of course meditated utilizing visualization, dry fire training with my SIRT training firearm, stretching and of course catching up on a few shows like Trigger Time, etc.  So even though I have really been out of it.  I am still doing some thing and have actually made an improvement in one area.  So even if you come down with a cold, are incapacitated for any reason find some thing to work on until you are better!

Here is a link to the SIRT Firearm Simulator: SIRT

I highly recommend this training aid!

See You When I Am Feeling Better!!!

Brian R. VanCise

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4 Responses to So I Brought A Cold Back…..

  1. tonydismukes says:

    I also came down with a cold 2 days after coming back from Michigan. Someone at that seminar was practicing germ warfare on us!

  2. Tim says:

    I feel your pain, I brought a cold back from Florida 2 weeks ago. All I could do was some qigong, and that was not easy. But as long as we can do something, and keep moving forward, I think we’re ok.

    I better now and I hope you feel better soon

  3. tpb53 says:

    I am having a lot of trouble posting here, keeps asking me to log in, never had that happen before.
    I will try one last time and then let it go

    I feel your pain, I came back from Florida with a cold and all I could do was some qigong, but as long as we can do something, and keep moving forward, I think were ok

    I’m better now and I hope you feel better soon

  4. Hey Tim, Not sure what the problem is with wordpress but sorry for that. As for my cold I am slowly getting better and hoping to turn the corner shortly!

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