Home Invasion…

Firearm Effect

Here is a Home Invasion video from the guy’s at Personal Defense TV:

Mass Ayoob on Home Invasion:

Home Invasion with Michael Bain:

Here is a link that has a Home Invasion scenario on the Best Defense which is my personal favorite of the videos shown here:


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3 Responses to Home Invasion…

  1. Mike Hamer says:

    What are your thoughts on the part that talks about “shine your laser dot down the hallway so it scares off anyone who can see it”? I think this falls under the same category as racking a shotgun to hope it scares someone off. I could see these tactics being useful depending on the intruder but I think i’m in the camp of not wanting to reveal my location unless absolutely necessary.

  2. Absolutely Mike. I am not racking to scare, showing the laser dot, or flashing the light to scare away a home invader. If I rack, turn on the flashlight or laser dot it will be to load a shell, identify a target, sight on a target. Not to scare them away. If they get scared and run all the better but that will not be my intention!

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