Confronting Terrorism As A Civillian

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Civilian’s confronting terrorism.  This is a tough subject.  Beyond just immediate conflict when you come across a terrorist attack you certainly can be on the lookout for warning signs in your neighborhood.  If someone in your neighborhood is acting suspicious then you could possibly report it to your local police so they can investigate.  What could be suspicious?  Really, lots of things could be suspicious.  Really they are to numerous to list.

Here is 8 signs of Terrorism from our Homeland Secuity:

Eight Signs of Terrorism

Here is a link from Homeland Security about if you see somethings, say something:

Here is some things you could do if you are involved with either domestic terrorism or terrorists from elsewhere:

So if you see something, say something and if you are in a position to help if you can do so.  Together, we all can make a difference!

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