Coming To Grips With Your Own Mortality…


I had a moment this last few days where I came to grips with my own mortality.  It was kind’ve shocking really.  I have always felt fairly immortal like a young person, living in the moment.  While I have had quite a few shocking moments in my life I was always able to draw deep and have plenty of reserves to handle the problem.  So what happened.  I was on Lake Powell kayaking.  Lake Powell is this gorgeous lake in Northern Arizona.  It is a giant lake with more shoreline than the pacific coast. (or so they say…)  Anyways, we were half way through our kayak tour and the guide asked us if we wanted to go cliff diving.  Of course Jacob and I say yes, emphatically!  My wife who doesn’t like heights say’s, “no way”.  So we park the kayaks and the swim doesn’t look that far away from the cliff diving rock.  There is an underground rock formation that we are going to walk and then swim the rest of the way.  Mind you I have always been a powerful swimmer and Jacob is very good at this point in his life.  So we start swimming and the first issue I have is that I am wearing water shoes and they are slowing me down.  So I hand them to my wife who is in a kayak and keep going.  Halfway to the rock in 200 to 300 feet deep of water I realize that my body is not happy with me.  I know I can grit it out and make it to the rock but I have to swim back and I am not sure of that!  This is some thing that even a short period of time ago I would have laughed at the thought of worrying about.  Flip the switch and attack the problem would be exactly what I would have done.  We get to the rock and cliff dive.  Which was exceptional.  Beautiful water, height and jumping off a cliff.  What is more fun than that!  I am blessed with no fear of heights and Jacob is the same way so this was right up our alley.  However, now is the time to swim back.  So do I flip the switch and swim back or is there another way.  Well I have to swim but my wife has a kayak so I hold onto the back end of it while I am swimming just to be safe. 😉  I may be older, I may be mortal but I am certainly smarter!  Tackle the problem figure out a way and do it but… do it within your limitations. 😉


See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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2 Responses to Coming To Grips With Your Own Mortality…

  1. Tim says:

    Feeling my mortality of late too, but it has more to do with doctors and medical issues..
    All we have is to “grit it out” and keep on moving.

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