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Had the great pleasure yesterday in reading Richard Burton’s new book: Silat for the Street.  This is a really well written and thought out book on functional Silat.  I especially can appreciate his approach to incorporating resistance training via sparring to his unique brand of Silat.  It is essential in my opinion to have pressure testing because this is where you can understand and realize that your Silat will work.  This book hits all the aspects that we all love about Silat such as: Functional Silat Principles, Weapon and Empty Hand techniques, Multiple Attackers, Footwork, Entries, Takedowns, the Clinch, Ground Fighting and more.  You will enjoy the forward and the stories!

This is a great book for any martial library!!!

Here is where you can purchase it:

Silat For The Street


See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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