Visualization or Meditation or Whatever You Want to Call it!


     Almost every Martial System has it and almost any athletic sport also has some form of Visualization or Meditation going on.  This type of training is essential if you want to take it to the next level.  Olympic athletes, Pro athletes, Collegiate athletes, Martial Artist’s, MMA Fighter’s, etc. all use some form of visualizing and relaxing meditation to get ready for an event and to train for their chosen field.

     When meditating I like to visualize myself doing some type of technique whether it is using a tool/weapon, kicking, hand striking, trapping or grappling. (or some combination of the above)  Subconsciously this helps in the remembering process and burns that technique in so that in the moment you will not have to think about it but instead just do!  This type of training has never let me down not in competition nor in the real world. 

     A good friend of mine who is also a world champion in his field constantly visualizes his performance leading up to a competition.  He see’s himself in his minds eye succeeding and winning every time.  When it is time to perform he is ready and knows that he will win.  This type of visualization is essential in whatever athletic endeavor you choose.  See youself being successful, physically trian to be successful and then perform successfully when needed!

See, Train and Be in the Moment!

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Brian R. VanCise

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