How I Teach!


     Okay I love to teach.  I simply enjoy being around people who have the same passion for the Martial Sciences that I do.  Those few that are like myself and really into it are great to see grow and progress.  While teaching I use multiple methods to convey the lesson’s across.  I have found through time that each practitioner is different and sometimes will need something shown in a different way to finally make it click.

     So when I am showing a technique I usually start out with a basic movement and try to get everyone started there.  Then I will extrapolate on it and change it so that the principles and elements behind it start to emerge for the student to see.  Then I might show it in several more different ways using tools, empty hand, etc.  Variety is the spice of life or at least that had been said many times.  So seeing the same movement repeated using a different tool generally will make it click.  The above methods usually work really well.

     Now I still emply other methods as well.  First off I do not hold anything back it is really all out in the open for everyone to see if you have a discerning eye.  I love questions and truthfully when someone asks one it makes me very happy and I know they are thinking and internalizing what is being taught.  Sometime’s I teach with the expectation and method that the practitioner’s will have to ask questions to get what is being shown.  This is another method that works very, very well and practitioner’s that ask questions (sometimes even cutting ones) are the ones most rewarded in the end because they eventually get the subtle clues.

     One of the premier methods is simply to let the practitioner’s figure it out through trial and error with a little coaching along the way.  Now that does not mean that they are not shown the technique in the correct manner but that they need to practice it and fail and then eventually be shown it again and succeed.  This leads to tremendous growth. Failing at something and then pushing beyond it leads to martial growth that is simply incredible!  Absolutely Incredible!  Generally this struggle produces the finest practitioner’s or the ones that excel beyond the norm.  It also tends to produce the creative thinker’s or the ones who will experiment and fail but through perseverance eventually succeed.  This my friends is golden.  I or any teacher of quality can lay it all out for you but only through your own actions will you succeed!

     I have quite a few advanced practitioner’s from other arts and systems that come quite a way’s to train with me.  They are looking for skill sets to augment their training and also in general for someone to show them in the end the elements and principles that they use in their own unique movement.  These people already are the creative ones that are excelling in their chosen field of study but they just want a little more to round out what they are doing.  I have found that in very condensed training that these experts have been able to go beyond what they do quickly and so much of this is because of their attention to detail.  They in general do not miss the little things and when you show a movement it is always good to explain the finer details immediately and also the principles and elements.  Then walla they are off to the races.  I really enjoy this type of learning environment and the experts that come to me are always a blast to train with and hang out with.  (we always have a good time)

     There are more methods of teaching and these are only a few but ones I thought I would share.  I personally enjoy being around people that want to learn, improve and also eventually pass on what they have learned.  That to me truly is a joy to behold!  In the end the learning process is at the practitioner’s feet and what they do with it is up to them!

See You On The Mats! 

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Brian R. VanCise

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