Maintaining and Controlling Position!


     Today we will be having an Intensive Training session at our world headquarters here in Alma on Maintaining and Controlling Position.  This is a very important subject because you need to know how to capitalize when you have achieved a dominant position, how to neutralize and imporve upon when you find yourself in a less dominant position.  Little things like understanding when and how you can improve your chances to maintain a dominant position and also when it is better to let it go and transition so that you can reverse and move again into a dominant position.  These tricks of the trade are essential.

     To often I find people who are missing these small skill sets and invariably they have issues maintaining a dominant position.  That makes it very, very hard to control and determine a situation on the ground.  However, show people these small skills and walla they can really make a leap in what they are doing.

     Today we will be working these skills and sweating a bunch!  The mats do not lie and in the end you had better have it together!

See You On The Mats!

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Brian R. VanCise

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