Maintaining And Controlling Position the Day After!


     Well yesterday we had out IRT – MMA class on Maintaining Position.  This class focused all on getting a position and then maintaining it using certain leverage and angle points.  We worked the Mount very hard, Side Mount, Crossbody, Back and touched on the Half Guard.  Hopefully the rest of the week I will filter in some of the material so that everyone can benefit.


     When you get a position you need to know how to maintain it as well as if you are losing it when to transition.  These are essential things.  The best grapplers utilize quite a few tricks of the trade to maintain their top game and also quite a few tricks to go from a disadvantageous position to a more neutral or even a dominant position.  These skills are what really seperates the decent grappler from the great ones.  Basics need to be worked over and over again until they are second nature and you can when needed exploit your opponents weak spots.


     Anyways the Intensive was a blast and I know that everyone who made it came away with something to work on! 🙂

Position Before Submission!  Simple Words To Live By!

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1 Response to Maintaining And Controlling Position the Day After!

  1. Scott Sober says:

    Great sweat, great info! Can’t wait to get into the gym and work on it some more.

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