Intuition Or Your Gut Feeling!


     Okay one of the things I use to protect myself and my loved ones is the ability to feel when something is wrong.  I trust my intuition implicitly and I am never led astray by my gut feelings.

     I have through the years wether working or in my private life used this intuition ability to avoid danger and also to make the right choices. 

     So what is it?

     Well at some level our subconscious can pick up certain things and if we are in tune or willing to pick up the clues we can act on them.  I can remember way back to a time when I was working for a certain employer and one of my functions was to make sure that the construction personel followed all the rules, particularly about having a low noise level.  Well needless to say this never went over very well.  Usually in order to maintain a low noise level it meant that the construction personel had to work midnights after I informed them that they were to loud.  So anyways to make a long story short I was always dealing with very angry construction people who had a right to be angry because they did not negotiate to work nights.  So particularly I remember an incident when I was enforcing the noise rule and came into a situation where I needed to tell this 6 foot 4, 350 lb guy that he could not continue.  Now I did bring back up but even then after I informed this guy what was happening he was eyeballing me and incredibly angry.  He had a hammer in one hand and was shaking it at me and swearing and threatening bodily harm.  Well during this incident the people with me thought we were going to have a throwdown right there.  However, my gut told me otherwise.  I could feel that this guy was just pissed but really wanted no trouble.  So I explained a couple of more times what he needed to do and even though he continued to be upset I kept letting him know that their really was no other recourse and that yes indeed it was not cool and I wished that they had negotiated with him correctly and informed him that he would have to be working nights.  All through this he was upset but I could feel that everything was going to be all right and in the end he apologized and said he was not mad at us but just the situation and that it would be no problem.

     Now when I lived in downtown Detroit you can bet that there is a whole different awareness level going on down there than out in the suburbs.  Walking downtown or driving downtown if you looked at someone in general they would look right back at you.  You see they picked up the signal as they are in a red zone.  You could easily get vibes off someone there either positive or negative and if you got negative vibes then you had better get out of there.  This type of ability could save your life and is one to pay serious attention to wherever you live.

     If you have worked in Law Enforcement or a related field you know exactly what I am talking about.  People in the medical field know what I am talking about just in a different way.  Military people who have seen real combat also seem to be in tune.  How to get there well just start paying attention.  It is all there for you if you just pay attention to the subtle clues.

Everyone Has It But Not Everyone Acknowledges It!

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Brian R. VanCise

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2 Responses to Intuition Or Your Gut Feeling!

  1. Peter Quinn says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Peter Quinn

  2. Mike Hamer says:

    Great story Brian, I enjoyed reading it.

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