Great Class!


     Well last nights class was a blast!  Great energy was put out by everyone there.  We covered 1 – 19 Striking Techniques with the Folding Knife, 4 Count with the Feeder/Receiver system with the Folding Knife.  Handgun Defense from the front, Rear Leg Sidekick and also with a Jab, Cross combination in the air and on the heavy bag. Cover Parries ie: high, middle, low, cross cover low, rear low cover parries.  Trapping Hands with a Horizontal Elbow and the fusion of Trapping Hands and a High Cover Parry.  Finally we got on the ground and proceeded to work Double Leg Takedowns to the Crossbody ie: standard, with brace and lift and slam.  Then we went into Reguard from the Crossbody to Guard and then Low Guard Passes ie: Combative Groin Strike Method and Standard Two Arm Pass.  Eventually I had to show a submission so we worked on a variation of the Reverse Bent Arm Lock or in Brazilian Jiujitsu terms Omaplata!  Then everyone either positional rolled or rolled for submissions. 

Here is a variation of the Omaplata video with UFC’s George St. Pierre.

     Everyone worked up a good sweat and when we opened the Training Hall doors the air crystalized from the heat/sweat! 🙂

Hit The Mats And Keep On Improving!  

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