Timing, Distance, Angles And Position!


     Timing, distance, angles and position, these are very important to your martial science training.  It does not matter what you are practicing if you timing or ability to do you skill set is off it just simply is not going to happen.  You need to do what you need to do in the right moment in time.  That my friends simply takes a lot of practice, innate skill  and a teacher to show you the right way. 

     Distance is also the same exact way.  You need to learn to manipulate the space in between whether you are employing a tool, striking, trapping, locking or grappling.  The space in between you and your opponent will need to be manipulated in order to make your skills work.  I will relate it to grappling in that space can be your friend if you are using it or your enemy if your opponent is using it.  Let’s say you do a poor job with your guard pass and the opponent manipulates the space in between to sweep you with a scissor/push/horizontal/elevator sweep, etc.  Space must always be manipulated in order to make things work.

     Angles?  Angles are extremely important to utilize in that with them you can help to manipulate the space and also get your timing right.  Simply put if you take a good angle you will probably have an advantage if your opponent cannot react fast enough to counter the line you are on.  Take a bad angle and well, what you are trying to work on may not work as your opponent will have an advantage.  I harp on angles all the time because the finest martial artists in the world utilize great angling in whatever they do.  They use the angles to help their timing and to control the distance and to put their opponent in a disadvantageous position.  Never forget angling as it is paramount particularly as you get older, slower or if you might be sick, weak, exhausted, etc.  A good angle can negate what could otherwise be a disasterous position.

     That there brings us to position.  There is simply put Superior position, neutral position and inferior position.  Whether you are working with tools, striking, trapping, joint manipulation or grappling if you can have superior position you are working from an advantage.  This is simply apparent in any area.  If I am in a tool or striking situation I want superior position such as being on stairs or on a slight hill, etc.  This will give me height, reach, etc.  If I were to be grappling then superior position is awesome.  Think of having someones back with your hooks in or a body triangle and lick your lips because you are in great shape.  Similarly I would rather have a more neutral position like being in the guard or having someone in my guard than be in an inferior position such as being mounted.  As far as submissions go always remember position before submission and this will make your game very tough.

In The End You Are Responsible For Your Training!  So Train Well!

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Brian R. VanCise

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