Philippine Special Action Force Commandos Learning Kuntao!


      Okay I just have a passion for the martial sciences but also a special place in my heart for all of the Filipino Martial Arts.  So I am always checking out what other FMA practitioner’s are doing.  Fortuantely I am aided by people sending me clips of their training from time to time.  The following clip is from Ron Kosakowski of Traditional Filipono Weapons(   Ron Also teaches at his Training Hall titled Practical Self Defense Training Center and this is there website: Anyways this is a nice video clip from Ron’s recent training in the Philippines were he trained the Special Action Force Commandos in Kuntao.  Enjoy.

Anyone who has been training with me for awhile can see the similarites to Instinctive Response Training.

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3 Responses to Philippine Special Action Force Commandos Learning Kuntao!

  1. Leilakp says:

    favorited this one, guy

  2. bud dy says:

    ka lawsi niyo

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