So what do I mean when I say pacing?  Well in this particular entry I am refering to learning how to pace yourself during training.  This is a very important skill set to learn because if you are not careful you could burn out.  Pacing is a skill set all it’s own when learning the Martial Sciences.  Initially when you start you are amped up and ready to go every class and that is good.  However, you also have to be careful to not over train or train so much that in the end you burn out quickly.  If you make it further along in your training all kinds of road blocks will get in your way like work, family, etc.  However think of doing things in the long run and pace yourself accordingly.  It is better to get there eventually and yet still be going than to burn out and never get to where you initially wanted to be.

     I cannot tell you how many times I have seen young potentially talented students not pace themselves and eventually burn themselves out.  Sometimes they would recover and continue to train and sometimes they would not.   When scrutinizing your own training take time to think through how you can make it all work out and yet keep the spark alive.  There is always time to train and if you are lucky to have a quality instructor they will always be there for you.  Still be in it for the long haul and try not to get everything at once but instead pace yourself so that eventually you get there without burning out.

     Keeping that spark alive is essential and you will need help along the way while you are pacing your training.  Some things that I do to keep the spark going are:

     Seminars, Private Training, Reading Martial Arts Reference Books, DVD’s and Videos on the Martial Arts, Martial Arts TV Programs and Nonfiction books that have some martial arts in them.

     I find that over time I pace myself better than when I was sixteen or in my early twenties.  Now I still train hard (thank goodness) but I also make sure that I do not over train.  I am also creative in training in new methods and in general because of that the spark is always there. 

     The greatest martial artists over time have learned to pace themselves and this is one of the many reasons why they are great.  It should be no different for the rest of us.  So take the long haul approach and pace yourself!

Time Can Be Your Ally Or Your Foe!

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Brian R. VanCise

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