You know every good system that I have ever studied or looked at seriously has used some form of angling to create opening’s in the opponent.  This is essential for continued success. 

     Angling is one of those essential skills and it becomes readily apparent to any Instinctive Response Training practitioner that they will be drilled repeatedly to angle and create better openings for themselves as well as increasing their chances on defense.  Using the V method of footwork (whether forward or backward) in general helps to create good angles and then you can come back toward your opponent on a straight line.  Really this is very simple but hard to effectively pull off consistently until your skills progress. 

Example pictures of V Footwork 

 v-stick.jpg   v-stick-_2.jpg

 v-footwork-at-temple_4.jpg   v-footwork-at-temple_8.jpg

Photos from the book: Advanced Wrist Strike Techniques (available at the Instinctive Response Training store)

     Now the V Footwork method is but one of many footwork skills to employ but it is an essential skill.  One observed in almost all Filipino Martial Arts and particularly in martial systems that use tools. 

     Skillsets to develop angling include movement drills, partner drills, long knife and dagger, stick drills, etc.  What is very curious is that the angling skills can be employed whether stranding or grappling and in conjunction with any other skill set.  Hence why any martial system worth its salt uses angling skills.

     Good angling skills can also help you out as you get older or are sick and have lost a step or two.  This is why the older masters should be feared so much in that if they have practiced their angling skills well (along with everything else) then even as they age they will still be formidable!


Click on this picture to see animated GIF with angles.  Notice the inside V Step and then a move to the outside for a Leg Destruction!

Angles, Angles And More Angle Training!

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  1. Mike Hamer says:

    Glad to see you could make some use of the GIF.

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks. I also put it up on the website on the store page. It is a cool animated GIF. Thanks.


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