World Class Budo Taijutsu Seminar This Weekend With Shihan Michael Asuncion!


Last Seminar Picture With Shihan Michael Asuncion

     Okay so this Saturday we will be having a Budo Taijutsu seminar with Shihan Michael Asuncion.  Shihan Michael Asuncion is one of the truly world class Budo Taijutsu practitioner’s out there.  He is at the highest level in the Bujinkan ranking system and travels several times a year to directly train with Hatsumi Soke and Nagase Sensei.

     Last time we had a blast exploring Kukishin Ryu and this coming Saturday we will delve into Togakure Ryu. (one of the most famous ryu-ha of the Bujinkan)  Expect to see interesting stuff and in talking with Mike he said to bring a Kyoketsu Shoge for training. (we have quite a few at the training hall so do not worry if you do not have one)


Author’s live Kyoketsu Shoge

     One of the cool things about Togakure Ryu and Budo Taijutsu in general is the surprise factor.  Things are not always what they seem.  One moment you may think that something is done a certain way then a gotcha factor is applied.  I find that the great martial systems definately have this going for them and Budo Taijutsu is definately one of the best in this department.

Here are some pictures from last year!

shihan-michael-asuncion-seminar-2007-posterizedforumsize2.jpg   shihan-michael-asuncion-seminar-2007-posterizedforumsize3.jpg   shihan-michael-asuncion-seminar-2007-posterizeforumsize4.jpg

2008 ShihanMichael Asuncion Flyer


In the lineage of:

Takamatsu Sensei and Hatsumi Sensei

takamatsu_006.jpg                 hatsumi_008.jpg

Understand, Good, Play!

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  1. Mike Hamer says:

    I cant wait!

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