BJJ Life Style, Grappling And Steroids!


     Okay I love Brazilian Jiujitsu.  Just love it, always have and always will.  The technical ability of a good BJJ person on the ground is awesome to behold.  Fluid movement and the ability to change are paramount.  I saw this video up on Youtube and you can see quite a bit of good movement so enjoy:

Nice video on the BJJ Life Style:

   Now grappling is an essential Martial Science skill.  You have to be able to defend yourself on the ground this is absolutely important.  In a violent encounter you may not be able to choose the time, place or range, so you may end up on the ground.  If you are on the ground you really need a finely developed skill set.  This could give you an advantage in the moment.  While not every violent encounter will end up on the ground a good percentage do and your grappling skills and the movement that you employ could save the day.  Do you want to take a chance by not having any skill sets?  No I do not think so…..  In Instinctive Response Training we incorporate grappling right from the get go and also incorporate utilizing tools while grappling.  This is just another way to give yourself an advantage in the moment.  Hit the mats and break a sweat and you will not be disapointed in the improvement of your martial skills. 

Check out the following IRT grappling video clip with folding knife deployment!

     Now onto the aspect of steroids.  If you put steroids into your body you are placing a poison into your system that could eventually damage you.  Why not just train naturally and improve through serious hard effort?  Steroids in the long run can only damage you and hurt you so before you use them think of the consequences and understand that you can get ahead just by training correctly and really getting after it.  Below is a video of Relson Gracie talking about Royce Gracies positive steroid test.  There is a little wisdom here.

Relson Gracie on Royce Gracie’s positive steroid test:

That was a very honest interview with Relson! 

A Good Martial Life Style Will Include Grappling And Will Shun Steroids!

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