The Beauty Of Repetition!

     You know, when you have a good training partner and you are moving through a set of motions and developing your skill set it is simply a beautiful thing.  Repetition with any movement is essential if you are going to be able to duplicate it under stress.  When training in the Martial Sciences you need to consistently repeat that motion and also throw in variations so that under stress you will be able to do it well enough even under pressure and with your adrenaline flowing.  Personally it is so very, very important to get in thousands of repetitions of various movements so that your body really knows what to do.  I like certain drills from the Filipino Martial Arts such as 4 Count , 6 Count, 10 Count (and more) or Sumbrada.  These drills really allow you to build lots of repetitions and also work the timing, angles and distancing all at once.  A good partner and a stick or training blade is all you need. (though you can also do it empty hand as well)  If your partner knows the motions then the fun begins and if they are smooth and relaxed then you both are in for a really good time.  Part of the beauty of drills like this is that they teach many, many things.  How to counter, were to counter, footwork, angling, distance, timing, striking, parrying, etc. and oh so much more.  More than that they really burn the training into your muscle memory and trust me it will be there for you if you need it!  Thousands upon thousands of repetitions can be had in this way in a short period of time and your skill set will sky rocket if you train hard.  Though eventually you need to know how to break in and break out of the drill so that it is even more alive and this is designed to put even more stress on you.  A good partner will also try and get a shot in here and there to test your skill set!

In The End Repetition Is One Of The Keys!

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Brian R. VanCise

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