The Little Things….

     So I was teaching the other day and I noticed that someone was seeing the big picture on the technique we were working on but missing the little details.  As a Martial Science practitioner you need to be able to see the big picture of anything that you are doing.  This will enable you to move through the movement and hopefully make it successful.  I say hopefully because really in order to make it work again and again you need to pick up the little things or the fine little details.  As you are practicing you will find that once you see the big picture the little nuances and details are the meat and potatoes of Martial Science.  Picking up these little nuances is essential if you plan on being successful continuously.  Initially when learning you are trying to see how everything works and the big picture of how the technique works is essential but if you never get to the fine little details then you have really missed out.  Take for instance grappling.  At the moment everyone and their brother is learning how to get on the ground and move.  This really is excellent but in some ways also unfortunate.  Why do I say unfortunate because some people have missed some of the little details in a rush to teach grappling and their students technique and skill set suffers greatly because of this.  One little detail missed and that practitioner will be dominated by an experienced well trained grappler who understands those details, elements and or principles.  So if you are learning something take the time intitially to see the big picture but then look at the little things.

See You On The Mats!

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Brian R. VanCise

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