Dan Anderson Featured On The Instinctive Edge!

                                                Dan Anderson and Patrick Mayette at a Modern Arnis 80 seminar sponsored by Instinctive Response Training!

     Dan Anderson is the founder of Modern Arnis 80 and one of the recognized and respected Senior Master’s of Modern Arnis.  Having practiced Modern Arnis since 1980 and travelled the world teaching the FMA’s Dan is clearly someone who everyone should train with.  A prolific author on the martial arts and DVD producer.  Dan’s books and DVDs are absolutely fantastic and a great addition to any martial science library.  Dan’s website is: www.danandersonkarate.com

Following are some recently released video clips that highlight what he does.


If you get a chance to train with Dan you won’t regret it!

Attend A Modern Arnis 80 Seminar Today!

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