Unarmed Fighting Techniques Of The Samurai!

…..Okay recently I received Sensei’s latest book titled Unarmed Fighting Techniques Of The Samurai!  As usual the art work and artistic beauty of the book is unsurpassed among martial arts related books.  Sensei has continued to go all out in this regard and the beauty of the book is similar to Advanced Stick Fighting,he Way Of The Ninja, Japanese Sword Fighting:Secrets Of The Samurai, etc.  Now to the meat of the book.  This particular book has all of the kata from the nine ryu-ha of Budo Taijutsu.  However they are not catalogued in the book by pictures but instead words.  The book covers each kata in a few sentences.  So in that regard it is like the ultimate note book for the kata’s used in Budo Taijutsu.  With it all written out now there is no need to be a kata collector.  There are a few translation errors that happened according to the translators by the editor.  Still those are pretty easy to pick out by any Budo Taijutsu pracititioner.  Now to the important part of the book. The last four books written by Sensei have had lots of words of wisdom inside of them.  You see his approach to philosophy and can benefit greatly from his words of wisdom.  That is the true meat of the book and the last three books before it.  So read it and enjoy!

The book is available at Amazon and probably within weeks will be in every major book store.


Reading Is Part Of Martial Science Training!

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1 Response to Unarmed Fighting Techniques Of The Samurai!

  1. Terry Stoker says:

    Thanks for the heads up and I will indeed pick it up when it is available. What words of wisdom are withen these book?

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