Seminar Time!

…..Well this weekend we will be spending quite a bit of time polishing our skills during the course of Bob Orlando’s seminar.  With people coming from Detroit, Ann Arbor, Chicago, etc. we should have an excellent turnout.  What I enjoy most about seminars is the introduction of new ideas and courses of thought.  These exchanges of knowledge and skill sets are a vital way to continue to grow during the course of your martial training.  It is important to note that those who regularly attend seminars continue to in general grow more as a martial practitioner than those that do not.

…..Now onto the seminar.  One of the things that turned me onto Bob was his excellent book titled: Indonesian Fighting Fundamentals.  Truthfully this is one of the better books on this particular subject. When last we had Bob here he went through techniques and principles from the book and the video that goes along with it and everyone had a blast.  Thank goodness everyone had their cup on as to train with Bob you need a cup. (groin shots come from no where)  Bob’s break through Langkah dvd’s (Indonesian leg work) are simply the best on the market with drills that can really enhance this skill set.  Lower leg work is often a neglected part of martial training.  Not all systems cover it and certainly very few spend the time on it that Indonesian systems do.  The ability to trap, lock, damage (destroy) or trip, momentarily confuse an opponent with lower leg destructions is not a skill to be underated.  Having used a leg destruction out in the real world to success during an arrest I can attest personally that they not only work but give you that edge in the moment.  A low line and high line approach or holistic approach as Bob likes to call it is simply effective movement.  Work on your lower leg skills today!  You know we will be working on them all weekend!


See You On The Mats!

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