Datu Tim Hartman!


…..Okay there are quite a few individuals out there practicing the martial sciences.  One individual came to mind as a couple of months ago I taught at his Training Hall in Buffalo, New York.  Datu Tim Hartman is a long time Modern Arnis practitioner who directly trained with the Professor Remy Amador Presas.  In talking with Tim it is clear that he had a very close relationship with the Professor and was lucky enough to get quite a bit of one on one time.  Tim Hartman has pioneered Modern Arnis out in the New York area and has branched out and practiced Balintawak with Manong Ted Buot.  Tim runs the World Modern Arnis Alliance and his Training Hall is Horizon Martial Arts.  In my brief visit to Buffalo I must say that I was impressed with Tim’s Training Hall and the quality of the presenters during the FMATalk Meet and Greet.  I know I am looking forward to going back again.  FMATalk is the Internets premier forum for the Filipino Martial Arts.  Tim along with Bob Hubbard run this site and have created a place for people to come, congregate and gather information.  If you are ever out the Buffalo way look up Datu Tim Hartman and prepare to learn something.

Here is a short video clip with Tim Hartman that features multiple seminars.

See You On The Mats!

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