…..What do you use to get off line of an attack?  What do you use to close the distance and counter attack?  Of course you use movement and that movement resides in your footwork.  Footwork is an essential skill set that every martial practitioner needs to pay special attention to.  When I am practicing my strikes I am constantly working on my footwork and my ability to either get off line or to initiate an attack.  Some of the footwork skill sets that I use include but are not limited to: Removing Step (many varieties), Shuffle Steps, Lunging, Cross Lunging, Sliding, Cross Step, Jumping (though not very much at my age), etc.  Within these different type of stepping, lunging, removing, jumping type of steps there are of course direct line movement, v footwork or movement, angular movement, lateral movement, linear or straight line movement, etc.  Throughout my martial training I have found that the practitioners at the highest level have simply unbelievable footwork.  These footwork skill sets allow them to be just out of reach and yet able to counter attack or defend when necessary.  Irregardless of age footwork is one of those critical skills where an older practitioner can create a canvas or lines to place someone in jeopardy.  So in the end make sure you have an eye for footwork and of course do not fall into a trap of only exploring or mastering one style of footwork.  There simply is multiple methods of footwork that you need to explore and develop!

See You On The Mats!

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Brian R. VanCise

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