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…..I thought I would take a moment to feature Inayan Eskrima on The Instinctive Edge.   Inayan Eskrima is a very complete Filipino martial system, founded by Mangisursuro Mike G. Inay.  They study several styles of Eskrima, but focus on three “core styles”.  These cores styles are Inayan Kadena de Mano, Inayan Serrada, and Inayan Largo Mano.  They utilize these three styles to cover the  three separate ranges and flow in between them.

Here is there main website: Inayan Martial Arts

I took the opportunity to peruse the web and found some videos reflecting Inayan Eskrima Technique!  Enjoy!

Here is a tribute to the late great Mangisursuro Mike Inay! (it is truly memorable that students remember their instructor in this way)

As you can see it is a beautiful art with beautiful people!

See You On The Mats!

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10 Responses to Inayan Eskrima!

  1. Thanks for the positive words on Inayan Eskrima Sir!!

    If there is any questions and/or interest from your subscribers, please visit the Inayan Forums and ask away.

    • John says:

      I practice Inayan Escrima however I’m not allowed to visit the forums because I’m in the “wrong” faction of Inayan escrima. Not the System 3 but the Jason Inay led system. It’s a shame that you keep people out of the forums.

      • Hi John, Not exactly sure what you are talking about with regards to being able to visit forums. I do not control any forum at all. If you have an issue with a particular forum please take it up with them. This is a blog about my journey in the martial sciences and on this particular post I highlighted the beautiful system of Inayan Escrima!

      • John says:

        Had the same issue. The forum administrator told me that I could not use do to being from a Jason Inay school. It’s a shame.

      • At the time of my original response here the Inayan Forums hosted by the Inayan School of Eskrima was open to the public. A couple of years ago I made the decision to use it as an internal school wide tool only due to a lack of participation with the onset of Facebook and other social venues. This decision had nothing to do with which group you belong to – Inayan or not.

  2. Johnathan says:

    Thank you for the recognition of and kind words for something that we as practitioners of Inayan Eskrima hold very dear.


  3. Brian VanCise says:

    It was my pleasure gentleman as your art is a very beautiful and combative system that the world needs to know more about!

    I was also particularly touched by the tributes to the late great Mangisursuro Mike Inay. That is some thing that every teacher hopes is that their students continue on and progress!

  4. As a longtime practitioner of Inayan Eskrima and the one behind the creation of the tribute video you have included here, I would like to say thank you for the focus on Inayan Eskrima and Mangisursuro Inay. Although GM Inay passed on in 2000, there are many that continue his work and spread the Inayan System of Eskrima in one form or another.

    Wishing you all the best in the New Year from Paris France,

    Kind regards,

    Suro Emanuel Hart

  5. Joe Walls says:

    Thank you for the kind words and giving people one more place to experience the beauty of Mangisursuro Inay and his art!

  6. Inayan Lahong Guro Mike Klement says:

    Thank you Sir, all Inayans will appreciate the kind words as we try to spread the beautiful Art that Mangisursuro past on to us.

    From the Inayan Martial Arts Academy, thanks again!

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