Filipino Bolo Training! A Real World Edge!


Picture of training during World War II

…..Okay, everyone that knows me knows that I simply love the Filipino Martial Arts.  Whether it is Dekiti Tirsia Siradas, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Modern Arnis, Inayan Escrima, Kali Illustrimo, Balintawak, Kuntaw, Kuntao, Inosanto Blend, etc.  I simply enjoy the economy of movement in the Filipino Arts and have for almost thirty years.  One of the things I have often admired about the Filipino systems is that they quickly and rapidly adapt with the modern times.  There really is no time loop with the Filipino systems where they keep things that do not work.  No, most Filipino martial systems are all about being effective and hey if some thing comes along that is working well then they will adopt it and make it part of what they do!  That is in the end what gives them an edge!  Since most of them deal with bladed weapons then that is a real world edge in combat!

See You On The Mats!

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    hi erm hi u need more info on world war dont talk abut your salf

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    but it is a good website

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