Aikido In Motion!


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…..Okay the following video demonstrates one Aikido technique.  The technique is Kyoku Nage.  Aikido has beautiful economy of motion and can be devastating when performed by a good practitioner.  The use or redirection of energy is always fun to watch in Aikido.

Here is the clip:

Here is an old video clip that has a variety of techniques:

See You On The Mats!

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3 Responses to Aikido In Motion!

  1. jks9199 says:

    Y’know — those two clips highlight one thing that bugs me about a lot of aikido today.

    In the first clip, most of the attacks are never a threat or real concern for the defender (tore). The attacker (uke) is just offering a handle to be thrown with — and rides along.

    In the second clip, the defender actually HAS to make things work; towards the end you can see where he has to struggle with it a little bit. MUCH more real, much more convincing to me.

    Now, understand that the kind of passive attack is a necessary stage in learning. Too much resistance too soon, and the student can’t do the technique. But when I see “strikes” that aren’t even in the neighborhood of where the defender is when they’re thrown… it’s frustrating. ‘Cause I know that there ARE aikidoists who can do it for real, against actual strikes, and those are the ones I like to see!

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Absolutely jks9199 a Tori must attack and that attack should be on line with the defender and potentially damage him/her if they do not move. You are right in that when learning a technique then resistance is not needed so that you can learn the technique initially. However, as you progress there should be more resistance so that it is difficult and that does create a more real feeling to it.

    I have been fortunate to meet some very fine Aikidoka whom I have no doubt that they can use their training. They of course did all of the above and were able to change in the moment.

    Personally I believe in striking and then moving into a joint manipulation technique. That is almost always how I do things in IRT. I think it is inevitably easier when the other person is already stunned/damaged to then manipulate their joints. Some aikido does this and some does not!

    Still in the end it is beautiful to watch the flowing movement. 🙂

  3. raini munti says:

    good video very informative 🙂

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