Knife Laws In The USA!

Kerambit in Reverse Grip

…..Do you own a knife?  Do you carry a knife on your person? (Every Day Carry or also known as EDC)  If so then you need to know what is permissible and what is not within you state.  The following websites do a pretty good job of outlining this.  Though I would always contact your lawyer as well as investigate and find the applicable state law on a verified Department of State web page.

Bernard Levines Knife Law Site

Knife Laws Online

Eblade store

Knowledge Is Power!

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2 Responses to Knife Laws In The USA!

  1. tgace says:

    An important thing to know regarding “knife laws” is that in some states like mine there can be situations where “ownership” is legal but if caught carrying it you can still be charged with “weapon possession”. In NYS there is a weapon definition called a “dangerous knife”. A dangerous knife has no real definition regarding blade length, blade type etc. It has to do with it’s appearance of being a weapon vs. a tool. In general, you can get away with that Emerson CQC combat folder with no problems, but if you get caught up to no good by an LEO and you could be in trouble. The law states that if you are caught with almost ANY knife with the “intent to use against another” that that knife is a “dangerous knife”. The kicker for the blade carrier is that simple carry is “presumptive evidence” that the owner intended to use the knife on another. Translated…just carrying it is proof enough to me (the LEO) that you intended to use it on someone…you can argue otherwise in court.

    By and large its an officer discretion issue and in my PD most cops are pretty lenient in its application, but if you are caught committing a crime or act like an ass, well you could find yourself in court. I wnt argue the “rightness or wrongness” of this law…thems just the facts.

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey tgace,

    That is a very good point and one that everyone should understand. Officer discretion will always play a role in any encounter and everyone needs to understand that.

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