Competitive Encounters!

Head Shot

…..Okay I am uberly (superly) competitive!  My whole family is this way we enjoy competition at everything. (cards, chess, sports, etc)  Somewhere along the line this competitive feature was ingrained in me by my dad and it also affected my sister and now of course it has been passed onto my kid’s.  Now having said that I am also a little older now so I pick and choose when I compete and what in.  Still those juices get flowing really quickly!

…..The topic of this post is competitive encounters.  I enjoy meeting with people and competing in different things.  I also enjoy placing myself in situatioins where I clearly have a disadvantage.  Ie. the other person is a specialist in their field.  I enjoy those encounters quite a bit.  When training I enjoy going beyond the drills and techniques and having the opportunity to match wits and skill with someone else.  Win or lose or tie it is all the same in that I take each situation and disect it and figure out how I can do it better.  When training students I spend a lot of time on technique, drills, developing the proper mind set and getting them ready for a personal protection physical encounter.  Part of that training also includes placing them in positions of uncomfortableness and having them compete.  This type of training always seems to benefit people provided they always try to learn from their mistakes.  When training make sure you push yourself beyond your comfort level irregardless of the system you study.  This way you hopefully will achieve great growth in your martial skills.

See You On The Mats!

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