Stop And Watch!

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…..So I was training one of my students over the weekend who has been with me for quite a while. (6 years or so)  As we were moving through the lesson I kind’ve stopped what I was doing and just watched.  Some times we are so close to what we are doing that we miss things.  In this case I was watching someone who has really, really taken their training to a new level.  They have in other words opened a few new doors and their skill sets have developed nicely.  Some times you need to look through a far lense and see where you have come from or in this case another practitioner to really appreciate what you are doing.  When you stop and watch you will be amazed at what you can learn and comprehend.   I was talking to my good friend Bob Orlando a while back when he visited.  Bob is a phenomenal martial practitioner from the Kuntao/Silat De Thoaurs line.  What separates Bob from so many is his analytical approach to his training. (that and he is just a fun guy)  Bob was a computer guy by trade throughout his life and he brings that mental outlook back to his training.  At one point during his training Bob was injured and could not participate as much as he would have liked to.  So he stepped behind the camera and video taped Uncle Bill teaching and training.  He stopped and watched and consequently learned quite a bit.  This really helped his over all training as Bob related it to me.  I can relate to this as well when I blew out my knee during intense Brazilian Jiujitsu training.  For six months the knee was a little unsure and I had to relax and not push it.  During that period I stopped and watched quite a bit and did not miss regular training but instead viewed training or participated when I could.  When the knee was healed my grappling game was actually better because of it.  Now when I stop and watch a student/practitioner I have the opportunity to see where they have come from and how much improvement they have made.  I also have the opportunity to view where they need to go and make adjustments in my teaching.  You see, you can learn a lot by some times just watching!

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  1. Tim says:

    This is a great thing to emphasize, thanks for posting this.

    Many of my past teachers and my current sifu would/will just stand their and watch the class and when I taught I did the same. You learn a lot by just watching; about your students (how they have improved, what corrections are needed, etc.), and about your own training as well.

    And I do not feel it is emphasized enough today how important it is to just watching your teacher. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a student try and follow their teacher doing the form when their teacher told them to watch or worse yet stood there and took it as an opportunity to chat and missed what was being taught completely. You can learn a lot by just watching your teacher, your students, or watching just about anything and it has been my experience that when the teacher say watch you are much better off watching them do than trying to follow or worse yet not paying attention at all.

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