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…..We were talking after training last night and one of our practitioner’s judo class at the college was starting up again.  Judo is an absolutely fantastic sport not only to watch but also to participate in.  It is hard, fast, aggressive and requires quite a degree of skill to be efficient at.  One of the best experiences I have had was competing with a national champion level judoka when I was training in Brazilian jiujitsu.  His skill at takedowns utilizing the Gi/uniform top was simply exceptional and had everyone wanting to pick his brain and technique in order to learn how to counter them. (as well as how to do them)   You can learn a lot from watching good Judo and in the following video clips you will see some great take downs and a few submissions while doing newaza.  One thing is for sure all of the good judoka I have met have been tough as nails!

See You On The Mats!

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