Natural Position Or Stance!

Head Shot

…..So last night we were working the Natural Position/Stance in self defense vs. a baseball bat.  This is a position where you either crash or cringe in the moment.  It ties in with our bodies fight or flight mechanism and this particular movement is observed in people with literally no training.  We train it to augment and use the response in personal protection so that it will be an advantage in the moment and not a hinderance.  So last night we were crashing in early on an individual with a baseball bat or a machete and then moving into a disarm.  The crashing in part utilizing the natural position, breaks the opponents balance and then you can move from there.  We also utilized this training after being started and the opponent misses and then crashing in before the back swing.  This type of movement is very, very effective.  It has become popular with several tactical trainers and they have named it from the SPEAR to the Shredder, etc, etc.  Bottom line if you do it right your opponents momentum will be impaired and their balance taken and you will be in a position to dominate from there.  This is a fundamental skill set in IRT and you see it covered at some point in most systems!  We also played with utilizing a blinding tool ie. tactical flashlight and then crashing in as well as utilizing a folding knife in the moment as a force amplifier or also as an edged weapon.  Good stuff and it works really well!  We are hardwired for this so with a little training it can become very, very effective!

See You On The Mats!

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