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…..Okay the cat is out of the bag in many respects.  More and more I see different martial arts and groups offering online ranking systems.  Meaning if you send them a video of your training they may rank you in their system.  Now some offer very good video training that you can view and work with at your home and that is absolutely fine as a reference point provided you have regular training with an instructor or had previous training with said instructor.  Where it get’s bad is when they do not even know who you are but you sign up and pay your monthly online fee’s and then walla several months down the road you send in a video and get graded and receive some rank.  Now my friends, that is an absolute joke and as someone once said a sucker is born every minute!  However, the joke is really on the poor person being given rank this way.   You see there are simply a ton of details that you miss in this manner.  Missing these fine details that can really only be passed on via one on one contact basically makes you a flawed practitioner.  It also means that those of us who went to a Training Hall and poured our blood and sweat into the training have very little respect for those that go this route and even less for those that have decided to promote people this way.  Bottom line online video training or training from videos or dvds can be a good resource for a practitioner that has an instructor or previously trained with the instructor.  Still it is not optimal and one on one instruction is essential for success.  Do not be taken in for these scams and waste your money.  Instead find a qualified instructor to work with and learn the fine details!

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3 Responses to Online Ranking!

  1. On a similar note has an interesting discussion about video techniques. I totally agree that all the distance learning is not going to replace an instructor face to face nor should it.

    The real problem with stuff like this is that some people ONLY learn this way. And companies that provide this type of service just sit back and pull it in.

    Love the column,
    Best Regards,

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Thanks Walt and Tim for your replies. 😉

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