IRT Self Defense Class!



Recently Instructor Gary Haffey and Associate Instructor Scott Sober taught an Instinctive Response Training Self-Defense seminar for employees of J. Ranck Electric in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

This self-defense class covered unarmed self-defense training and awareness and avoidance techniques.  Personal protection skill sets are some thing that is extremely important in today’s society.  Irregardless of where you live there is always potential for a violent conflict.  We must be aware of this and well-trained to avoid violence as well as have the skill sets if we ever need to take action and defend ourselves or our loved ones.   Following are some pictures courtesy of J. Ranck Electric.

 Here is a link to the J. Ranck Blog and a review of the seminar:

Finding “Inner Strength”

It really does say quite a bit about a company when they take seriously the welfare of their employees!  I commend anyone that promotes health and well-being for their employees, loved ones and family!

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2 Responses to IRT Self Defense Class!

  1. Jim says:

    It’s great to see a company taking an interest and active steps to give their employees tools to protect themselves. Too often, you see something like this done as a token effort, or only in response to a tragedy.,

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Absolutely Jim it is some thing to be commended!

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