Recent Blog Post On The Reality Of Edged Weapons By Don Roley!


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I follow a number of blogs and here is a good one that was just posted over on Don Roley’s blog:


Brian R. VanCise

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About Brian VanCise

Hi my name is Brian R. VanCise and my passion is the Martial Sciences. I have trained almost my entire life in the pursuit of martial excellence and I teach a world class curriculum in Las Vegas, Nevada and my good friend Gary Haffey runs our IRT Training Hall in Alma, Michigan. View my website at: or Contact us at: 702-326-3622
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One Response to Recent Blog Post On The Reality Of Edged Weapons By Don Roley!

  1. Tim says:

    Don’s not in Japan anymore?
    Very good article

    My Sanda shifu (Police/Military Sanda) once said, a Gun is better than a knife and a knife is better than no knife but if you have no knife you have Sanda. He took all this stuff very seriously but then he was trained seriously in a serious time (Cultural Revolution). I don’t doubt that against a knife he would stand a pretty good chance…as for me…. I do not believe I would have the same chance as he would. But I will say that back in my hospital and state security days, every single person I have to deal with, I assume all had a weapon and dealt with it as best I could based on that. Luckily none of them ever did

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