Military PTK-CQC Review

Ginunting Movement

Here is a short review of the Military PTK-CQC Close Quarters Combat System.  This system has been taught to the Filipino Force Recon Marines.  I was given these two DVD’s to review and after looking at them it is a very, very positive review.  In these two DVD’s are quite a bit of material that is easy and simple to assimilate into your training.  Everything flows together nicely and this system would be very effective to teach to military personnel.  A heavy emphasis on blade and empty hand skills that work together as well as firearm retention.  Meaning if you can do it with the blade you can do it with your empty hands and or firearm.   Simple, effective and flowing is a good way to describe this material.  If you are interested in some very effective technical training then these , DVD’s in conjunction with training by a PTK-CQC instructor would be excellent.

Here is a preview clip:

The DVD’s can be purchased here: PT GO Online Store

Two thumbs up for this material!

Brian R. VanCise

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