Just Back In……

Living Arts Photo 2

Photo Courtesy of Dean Houser

Okay I am just back in from a weekend of teaching and training.  On Saturday October 26th I was in Columbia City, Indiana at Dean Houser’s Living Arts Dojo.  This Training Hall is absolutely beautiful with great mats and an environment that makes you just want to train.  We covered Blade and Counter Blade IRT methodology.  We started with our 1 Count drill moving then into the 1 Count Feeder Drill.  This was followed by 2,3 and 4 Count and then we moved into applications.  After a brief break we moved into 6 Count and then applications from 6 Count and finally into Empty Hand vs. the Blade.  Everyone was training with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and get better.  What is better than that.  A special thanks out to Dean Houser for having me over and for Dom Lazarski for being my training partner and co-demonstrator.  Great times, great people and a great environment to learn.  Living Arts is certainly becoming one of the finest places to learn the Martial Sciences in the Midwest.

Living Arts Photo 4

Photo Courtesy of Dean Houser

Living Arts Photo 5

Living Arts Photo 1

Photo Courtesy of Dean Houser

I then made my way north into the great State of Michigan.  Eventually arriving right smack dab in the middle in Alma, Michigan.  Training on Sunday, October 27th for our IRT North Fall Intensive was about to begin.  The day started eventful with some Training Hall issues.  This Training Hall is as much storage facility as private lesson facility.  so it is only used intermittently.  However, we eventually got everything ready and people started to arrive.  We had a good mix of IRT practitioners, FMA practitioner and a few new people.  We dove right into our IRT training methodology which always includes training in: Weapons/Tools, Kicking, Hand Strikes, Trapping Hands, Joint Manipulation and eventually grappling.  We covered hand gun, long gun disarms, hand gun retention, stick retention, knife retention, Stomp kicks utilized from a distance as well as from the clinch.  We moved into some catching, parrying and limb destruction training from the jab, cross combo.  Then we moved into High/Low Takedowns and Opposite Lever Sweeps.  Finally, we moved into a unique level change High/Low Takedown and then into grappling with Walking the Body being a primary focus.  Energy was high with everyone and training was focused and intense.  Good training, great people!  What more can you ask for!

IRT North Fall 2013 Photo 1

IRT North Fall 2013 Photo 2

IRT North Fall 2013 Photo 3

I have some video footage of both events so look for an IRT video in the near future!

See you on the mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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  1. Mike Hamer says:

    It was awesome as always!

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