Just In From A Great Training Session….

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Harimau 2


So I am just in from a great training session over here in beautiful Southern California.  What I love about vacationing besides food, fun and just being on vacation is meeting and training with other martial practitioner’s.  Today I hooked up with an IRT student who also happens to be a Silat instructor based here in Southern California.  I met Dave a long, long, long time ago when I was younger and trying to pick up everything I could from Pak Herman Suwanda.  Anyway, being in his neighborhood of Southern California I thought we would hook up and he could show me his take on the Mande Muda and various Silat system’s that he practices.  We spent  almost the entire morning working on Harimau applications.  Now Harimau or low line techniques are very close to the ground and involve striking as well as grappling Indonesian style.  Harimau or Tiger techniques from the Mande Muda system are challenging and very, very effective.  It really works the legs and lower body.  After a couple of hours working out we had some tea and talked about when his next trip to Las Vegas would be for IRT training and then well it was time for me to get back to vacation.  That is the beauty about vacationing is that you have lots of free time.  Why not take a little bit of that free time and get some training in with a local instructor!  Imagine training in Hawaii, California, Arizona, Michigan or even with me in Las Vegas.  It will increase your skill sets, knowledge and most importantly of all it will make you move and sweat!  Get out there and train!  Be a practitioner and a student no matter your level of skill set.


See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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