IRT Scenario Based Training Photos…..

IRT Scenario 5

Okay so last night we did some IRT Scenario Based Training.  Pretty cool!  Scenario Based Training allows a practitioner to role play potentially violent situations in a full contact manner.  In IRT we evaluate each and every Scenario.  Pre Conflict, Conflict and Post Conflict.  What happened, what did we do well, what did we do poorly.  I lead the session in this evaluation but every participant can comment and give their thoughts on what happened and what could be improved upon.  There is always a lot of eye-opening exchange during the Pre Conflict Stage and of course during the Conflict.  Post Conflict is just as important especially as this may help to determine who is going to jail that night!  Scenario Based Training is one element that every martial practitioner should try so that they can learn and improve their self-defense skills.  Not just physically but especially mentally!

Here are some photos:

IRT Scenario 1

IRT Scenario 2

IRT Scenario 3

IRT Scenario 4

IRT Scenario 6

IRT Scenario 7

IRT Scenario 8

IRT Scenario 9

IRT Scenario 10

IRT Scenario 12

IRT Scenario 13

IRT Scenario 14

IRT Scenario 15IRT Scenario 16

IRT Scenario 17

IRT Scenario 18

IRT Scenario 19

IRT Scenario 20

IRT Scenario 21

Scenario Based Training is just one more tool that the modern martial practitioner can utilize to round out their training.  It particularly helps in learning to deal with your own adrenaline rush.  It also helps to deal with the unpredictability of a violent encounter.  Why?  Because during Scenario training anything can happen.  One minute it could be a violent encounter and the next scenario might only have dialogue.  How you react can quite often lead into what happens.  Just like in real life!!!

If you are interested in Scenario Based Training in the greater Las Vegas area and anywhere in the world contact Brain R. VanCise at: brian@instinctiveresponsetraining

You will get adrenalized, learn to control it and pressure test your skill sets for a violent encounter!!!

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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