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I am currently in the process of getting a second batch of balur made.  Roughly it is a six month process where the herbal ingredients are mixed together and then left to sit in a jar until they are ready.  This mix can then be applied externally to bruises to break them up very fast so that your training can continue on.  I learned this particular Balur formula from a friend who practices Kuntaw/Kuntao from the southern Philippines who visited me in Las Vegas.  It is a mixture of Indonesian and Philippine Balur or Jow.  Now I have always been a big bruiser meaning my skin tone and body has always bruised up pretty good.  Yet, when I started working the wooden dummy the bruising became pretty extreme.  That is when my friend informed me that I should be using Balur to take care of the bruises so that I could continue to train and harden my forearms and shins.  He was absolutely right in that using the Balur has helped remove the bruises quickly and allowed for constant training and hardening of my body.  Eventually I will be selling this Balur in the future but right now it is for my personal use.

Here is a photo of this mixture in the first month of the process:


See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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