Submission Master Grappling Dummy Training…

Eddie with Submission Master Grappling Dummy

One of my students recently moved and decided to leave his Submission Master Grappling Dummy with me.  Brad as he has been affectionately named by Olivia has been getting trained on every day for the last week.  Best thing about him though is he never complains and instead just enjoys the workout.  Armbars, Rear Naked Chokes, Heel Hooks, Knee Bars, etc.  Anything you can think of doing from submissions to ground and pound it doesn’t really matter as Brad is definitely ready for the workout!  Thanks Nick and Olivia for this great training tool!

Here is a video featuring the Submission Master Grappling Dummy by the people who designed him!

If you are training with us in Vegas you will definitely get to workout with Brad! 😉

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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