Martial DVD’s What To Order With So Many Choices?


When you look around out there in regards to Martial Arts DVD’s there is simply a huge number to look through and choose. Almost every system is represented and some are represented with simply a wide assortment to pick from. DVD’s can range anywhere from around $12.95 to $99 or more for a set. In my experience the quality depends even more on who edited them than actually who was in them. As someone who edits, films, directs, stars in DVD’s what you get really varies and if you want to get the most for your buck definitely look around before you purchase anything. Some of my biggest disappoints were when I spent a lot of money and the DVD was either poorly made or simply too short to give me enough of what I was expecting. One of the best DVD’s I ever received cost me about $15. This would be closely followed by a DVD set that cost me $250.

So what should you order? In my opinion you should order DVD’s from your system that you are studying and ones closely related to it first. Of course all within your budget. After that explore what is out there and get some ones that are far removed from what you are studying. Always, and I mean always try to get a review so that you are not wasting your money. One time I bought a DVD featuring a local Las Vegas blade instructor on a whim. I did not try to find a review or talk to someone who had seen it and well… I should have. Twenty five dollars poorer I had a DVD that was all but worthless. Yet, as bad as that one was I have had more success over the years than I have had failures. Mostly because I have always tried to get a review from a friend or instructor before purchasing.

Now I have a huge library of DVD’s. So many that I really do not know how many there are. I have even more video tapes but hey I am an older person. Anyway, what is important here is that anyone who practices in IRT can borrow any of my DVD’s at any time. Give me a call or email and ask if I have something and if I do you can borrow it! Anyway that I can help you I will, whether on the mats or in another way just ask!

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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