Old Injuries….

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Depending on what you have injured in the past it may just never go away totally.  Throughout my life of martial training I have sustained some nasty injuries.  Though, thankfully none have been too long lasting.  The knee was bad, the neck has just never went away.   Both of those injuries happened in BJJ class.  When my knee blew out you could hear it across the room.  Yet, in the grand scheme of things I was fortunate in that I did not need surgery.  Over time I was eventually able to get away from the knee braces and haven’t felt anything since leaving Michigan.  Once I left Michigan for the Desert of Las Vegas any arthritis that I was experiencing in my knees, hands, shoulders and back just went away.  The neck is and has always been around.  I don’t feel it often but when I do it is a stark reminder to the injury that occurred some where around 1996.  I was rolling with my instructor Harvey Berman during a noon class at the Warrior Way.  Harvey is the Michigan Pioneer of BJJ.  In other words he is the guy that brought BJJ to Michigan and one of the best instructors on the planet.  This was way back in the day though and Harvey was at that time around a Blue Belt III or IV stripe. (yes back in the day that was the highest ranked person in Michigan)  As we rolled it was a great exchange.  Back and forth one person countering the other person.  Eventually though, he slowly moved into a position for a neck crank and I did not realize I was trapped in a neck crank until to late.  I did not tap soon enough.  I knew some thing wasn’t right but still it was not so bad.  Now, I did not have to go to the emergency room, I haven’t had to have surgery on it.  However, it is there.  I can feel it regularly and once in awhile like this morning on a cold day it is painful and hard to function normally.  The point of this blog post is to remind you to be careful in your training.  Be careful for yourself and your partners as some times the  injuries you receive will be with you forever!

See You On The Edge!

Brian R. VanCise

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