Physically Effective…

The goal of my training in the Martial Science’s has always been to be physically effective! I have spent over forty years training with this in mind. Countless hours and personal sacrifice, injuries, money, etc. have gone into making me into an effective martial practitioner. In looking over the last forty years there are some things I would do differently. Not a ton but one I view is very important. Simply put, I would have focused on firearms training at a higher level much sooner. Now understand I started shooting pretty young but intensive tactical training only started in my early twenties and I rounded out and expanded that training skill set over time and still continue to do so. Yet it should have started sooner in my opinion. In today’s modern world if someone’s goal is to be physically effective and able to protect themselves and their loved ones then firearms training needs to at the forefront of any training regime! It shouldn’t be the only skill set but it is a very important component in one’s quest to be physically effective! Just one of the many lessons learned over forty years of martial training!

About Brian VanCise

Hi my name is Brian R. VanCise and my passion is the Martial Sciences. I have trained almost my entire life in the pursuit of martial excellence and I teach a world class curriculum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact us at: 702-326-3622
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