What Kind of Blade should I have?


Safe Keeper II, Safe Maker 1 and CRKT M1!

Okay I am asked regularly a question by students, new students, friends and other martial practitioner’s just starting out on the bladed journey.  What kind of blade should I have?  I always come back with that this question really depends on what you need it for.  For myself I use my blades as tools regularly and with that they need to be functional, efficient at what they do and also affordable.  Sure I have some higher end blades that are custom work and some exquisite work by a Japanese Swords smith.  However, what I use every day are functional blades that are extremely efficient at what they do and they must also be affordable because the way I use them they will eventually wear out.  So when asked this question I try to find out what the person wants their blade for.  Is is to be a functional everyday carry type of tool or is it something for show?  Most people purchase things for functionality so that is in general where everyone goes.  With that in mind most states have legal limits of blade length that you can have so that also whittles down what you can carry and while I am and do believe that fixed blades are superior in every manner to a folding knife simply put most of us cannot carry fixed blades around all day. (If you can then you are fortunate)  With that in mind folding knives always come up and when it comes to folding knives I have tried just about every manufacturer out there as well as a few custom specialities.  I look for durability, efficiency in motion and functionality plus the all important price.  Yes I will be using my tool and most people that I know will also.  With that being said I currently carry a very fine folding knife from CRKT called the M1 and I haven’t been this happy with a folding knife in along time.  CRKT knives in general seem to last a little longer durability wise and also function well for what I am using them for.  Many of the models also have an auto lock feature which is paramount in my endorsing a folding knife.  The M1 rocks and I plan on having one for a long time or as long as they keep the quality up.  Other manufacturers that I have folding knives, fixed knives from that also seem to last and stand up to real world rigors and yet are affordable are Cold Steel and Spyderco.  These other two dealers have several knives that seem to do the trick and I keep a few around to use when needed.

As to custom knives?  Well some of them are absolutely fantastic and some are crap.  It really is a crap shoot when you purchase a custom knife.  My recomendation is never to purchase any custom knife without first having seen the smiths work or having held the model you are ordering in your hand.  They are simply to expensive for you to end up with junk.  I have some real nice custom knives but and it is a big one for functionality, efficiency and affordability I have found few that compare with my CRKT, Cold Steel or Spyderco blades.  Plus if one of them wear out I can just chuck them in the trash and buy another one. (you have to like that)

Now if you are looking for fixed knives for strictly home defense then look no further than a push dagger!  Double Edged and wicked these little knives require less training and are almost impossible to disarm.  I have searched the world and have some expensive models but finally have fallen absolutely in love with Cold Steel’s Safe Maker 1 and also Cold Steel’s Safe Keeper II.  These beauties are absolutely a great tool for home defense or if you were stationed over seas in a military confrontation.  They only have one purpose but they are decidedly effective at what they do.  We at Instinctive Response Training are at the forefront of Push Dagger training in the World and if you want a glimpse into some of what we do look at our YouTube video from our Push Dagger Seminar or better yet buy the DVD from our store.  Look for an exciting e-book on the Push Dagger in the near future!


I am Brian R. VanCise and I endorse this message!

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Hi my name is Brian R. VanCise and my passion is the Martial Sciences. I have trained almost my entire life in the pursuit of martial excellence and I teach a world class curriculum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact us at: 702-326-3622
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2 Responses to What Kind of Blade should I have?

  1. daledugas says:

    Unfortunately many of us cannot own or even carry pushdaggers as that would constitute a felony in our state. Massachusetts is one of those and being that I live here I cannot own or carry many items.

    Oh well, I would rather hit someone with my Iron Palm then stab them as here in Massachusetts you cannot defend yourself.

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Dale and that is really important knowing what you can and cannot do in your State! Train hard and be smart!

    Brian R. VanCise

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