Functional and Effective Kuntao and Silat with Bob Orlando!


     I am looking forward to having Bob Orlando back to Alma next fall for a Kuntao/Silat seminar focusing on legwork (leg destructioins) drills and application’s.  For many not in the know Bob is a world class martial artist who lives in Colorado.  He teaches out of his Je Do-Too Training Hall and is a real world martial practitioner.  So there really is not alot of fluff with Bob’s material but instead just efficient, effective and deadly skill sets that work through various principles and elements.

     One thing I enjoy about this type and brand of Kuntao/Silat is that there is no hocus pocus but instead very pragmatic explanations of why something works.  This is how I enjoy training and let me tell you everyone needs someone else to learn from and I am happy to say that Bob has alot to offer everyone!

 Here is his website:

     There is quite a bit of info on this site if you are willing to look for it.  So browse away and see what he has there and if you find thing’s to your liking then get a Book, DVD, etc.  They are all top quality and defiantely something that any serious practitioner would be interested in.

See You on the Mats!

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1 Response to Functional and Effective Kuntao and Silat with Bob Orlando!

  1. Nate says:

    Bob puts on a great seminar. He really knows how to distill curriculum so that you leave with solid new skills instead of a spinning head. Don’t forget your cup!

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