Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Empty Hand vs. Knife Drill!

     Okay I was surfing the web this morning and happened to come across a video clip that I enjoyed quite a bit.  This particular video clip is an empty hand vs. knife drill from Dekiti Tirsia Siradas and is performed by Grandmaster Jerson Tortal Jr. the son of Grandmaster Nene Tortal the current head of the system.  So what did I like about this clip?  Well it is almost identical to the IRT Trapping Hands Drill that we do with just some minor variations.  So it has the principles of footwork, angles, distancing, timing, etc. all in it and the movement has to be fluid and yes well very effective.  No one wants to be caught empty hand against a blade, no one!  However, if you are then get off line, parry, counter strike and get the heck out of there are all good ideas.  Or get an equalizer!  Needless to say this particular drill is similar to IRT Trapping Hands and for me it is a joy to watch. 


In The Moment Just Do!  Without Thought and Achieve The Instinctive Response!

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